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Teacher Supplies and Books

Check out the Scholastic Teacher Store because they often have impressive sales where products are down to $1.00 (called Dollar Day sales) and they also have a Bargain Bin section. Click here to go to their site.

Some stores that are useful for supplies are: Big Lots (especially for items like scissors or prizes), 99 cent store or Dollar Tree (great for plastic tubs to store classroom library books by category), and stores like Target.

To keep track of notes you give to parents/students/administrators and have a record of them, you can buy the Carson-Dellosa Publishing Teacher form booklet that is carbonless and has two parts (one part you write on and give to the person, the other keeps a copy of what you just wrote). This is great for if you are in a hurry, but want to keep documentation of notes to parents/students/administrators. They are really convenient.

One way to help the environment while finding free materials is to join your local freecycle organization. This is where people offer free items for you to pick up in your own city. Oftentimes I will see people post free children's books, classroom supplies, stationary, toys, and so on.

I have created a teacher store through Amazon that is focused on Children's books, Children's songs, and School Supplies. Click here to see the store.

There is always your public library as a source for books for your classroom (especially if you are learning about a special topic and want more books for research projects). They also usually have a bookstore at the library with cheap children's books.

Now it's your turn...I would like to hear from you :).

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