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Character Education: Kindness

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Some ideas for Kindness:

A great song to use is called "Kindness" and it is from the album "Be Bop Your Best" by Red Grammer.

You can find out more on Amazon by clicking on the CD picture:

BeBop Your Best

This whole album is a great resource for teaching character/virtues education. For more info, go to

You can also have the children make coupon books/cards for their friends/family. I cut out heart shapes from pretty flower wrapping paper and gave one to each child to tape the edges onto the inside of their card. This made a heart-shaped pocket inside their card. I then made flower shaped coupons for them to store inside the heart-shaped vase (pocket). The coupons could say things like, "This coupon is good for: cleaning my room."

This is how the coupons look:
This is how the inside of the card could look:

Here is a free pdf file of the coupons I created. You can download or print to pdf and use for your own class. The stem has the "This coupon is good for" and the flower part is blank for the children to write in something like: "A big hug" (or you can help them write it in):

Now it's your turn...I would like to hear from you :).

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Very helpful website -- The work to put so many useful resources in one place is appreciated. Thanks!