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Character Education: Love

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Here are some ideas to teach about Love.

There is a fun book called "My Map Book" by Sara Fanelli (all of it was done by a young girl). I came across this from one of my professors at UC Santa Barbara and I loved it. This book has different maps she has drawn ranging from a map of her room to a map of her tummy. Towards the middle of the book is a page called "Map of My Heart" where she writes and draws people and things that she loves. You can show this to your students and then have them draw their own map of their heart.

Here is an example of how a completed Map of My Heart would look:
(On a side note: You can also use some of the other pages for other subjects in the classroom. For example, to teach about timelines there is a page in the book called "Map of My Day" or they can learn about maps in general from the page about "Map of My Neighborhood")

Click on the picture of this book to find out more about it on Amazon:

My Map Book

A great song to is called "Caring and Compassion" by Red Grammer and Pamela Phillips Oland on the album "Be Bop Your Best".

Click on the image of the CD to find out more on Amazon.
BeBop Your Best

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