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About Get to the Resource:

So what is "Get to the Resource" about anyways? This is a teacher-created website to help teachers find useful resources to use in the classroom. This site should also be helpful to parents (especially if you are home-schooling your children) and to those of you who are teaching character education/virtues to children.

My goal for this blog is to do whatever I can to make life easier for my fellow teachers out there because, let's face it, we can use all the help we can get these days. Pressure seems at an all time high for us teachers as greater demands are placed on us while often resources and support are cut out due to budget constraints. I will be trying to do my part to help the teaching community by giving you tips and resources that I have found helpful as well as some ready-made instantly usable lesson plans and activities (these I will be adding to over time).

About the Author:

I am a teacher by profession and have taught in both Elementary School (Grades K, 2, 3, and 5) and in Middle School (English and Drama). I have a Masters in Education focused on Reading Comprehension and have served as a Language Arts Department Chair and Gifted Coordinator.

I hope this blog will help you all in your teaching endeavors with some helpful tips, resources, and lesson plans/activities. I would also like to help those of you who are teaching Character Education or Virtues Education.

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Enough About Me, Tell Me About You~ What Resources are YOU Looking for or What Resources do You Recommend?

Click where it says "comment" and let me know what types of resources you would like to find or resources you would like to recommend -- I'm always eager to learn about new resources.